Know Your Competitors

Every business has competitors, whether they are direct (offering a similar product or service) or indirect (offering a product or service that may be different but meets the same needs). Knowing who your competitors are helps you understand how you can be unique in the eyes of your audience.

In this toolkit, you will examine all of your competitors individually, from their strategies and strengths to their position with your audience, and how you can differentiate yourself. You also will make sure that you are not saturating your audience with the same messages.

Build on the work you did with the Define Who You Are and Find Your Audience toolkits. Once you have a good idea of your competitors, you will be ready to craft your marketing messaging.


What is this?

A toolkit for identifying and analyzing your competitors.


How do I use this?

Work together to complete this toolkit for each direct and indirect competitor.


Why is it important?

Knowing your competitors will help you define what is unique about your band and your music, which will make you stand out in the market.

When do I use this?

After completing the Find Your Audience Toolkit.