Define Who You Are

When you’ve finally got some great music to share, you have to know what audience you want to reach. It’s hard work to get in front of the right audience in a way that does not waste time or money. Reaching these elusive people first requires defining who you are.

The brand discovery process is a sequence of activities that helps ensure you are looking in the right places. At the core, you must all be certain of your shared vision and how you think about your band. This will help you in the next steps when you have to define your audience and your key selling points.

In this toolkit, you will lay the foundation for defining a shared understanding of your vision and your band.


What is this?

A toolkit that creates a shared understanding of the band’s vision and view of itself.


How do I use this?

Work together to answer the questions until you have all agreed on the band’s vision and personality.


Why is it important?

Having a clear definition of your band’s vision and personality helps lay the foundation for your brand, and for all the decisions you make in your marketing and sales activities.

When do I use this?

After you have given your band a name and registered your business.