Brand Toolkit

This toolkit takes you through a step-by-step process for examining and deciding on what defines you as a band. It is organized around four tasks: defining who you are, finding your audience, knowing your competitors, and crafting your message.

Complete the following individual toolkits to take you through the full branding process.

Define Who You Are

Who you are is the foundation of all your decision-making and messaging. Figure this out before you start reaching your audience.

Find Your Audience

Identifying whom you are trying to reach will help you create adoring fans.

Know Your Competitors

If you want to stand out and be recognized, figure out what makes you different from other bands.

Craft Your Message

Building on your vision and values, and what you know about your audience, will give you a foundation for consistent messaging.


What is this?

A toolkit that walks you through the four elements of your brand – you, your audience, your competitors, and your messaging so you can create a foundation for all your decisions and marketing activities.


How do I use this?

Work together as a group to agree upon the responses to the toolkit questions.


Why is it important?

A strong brand ensures that everything you do as a band is consistent and meaningful to your audience and partners.

When do I use this?

After you have developed a name for your band and registered the band as a business.