Your Brand

Your band is a business. Every business has a brand.

Think about your brand as “what others think of us”. Even if you are just starting out, your band already may have a distinct style, personality, or focus. This can come from your music, your behavior on- and off-stage, or your social media communication.

It is important to be clear about what you want your brand to be, as this is what helps you make decisions about where you play, what you play, how you communicate and how you appear. Your brand should represent your values, your promise and the emotion you want your audience to feel when they see or hear you. It will be the basis for your marketing strategy, both on- and off-line, and will help you find your audience and build a loyal following.

This section has multiple toolkits to take you through each step of the brand creation process.

Define Who You Are

Who you are is the foundation of all your decision-making and messaging. Figure this out before you start reaching your audience.

Find Your Audience

Identifying whom you are trying to reach will help you create adoring fans.

Know Your Competitors

If you want to stand out and be recognized, figure out what makes you different from other bands.

Craft Your Message

Building on your vision and values, and what you know about your audience, will give you a foundation for consistent messaging.

Create Your Visual Identity

With your brand foundation in place, you can now design your logo, website, album covers, and more.