Market Your Band

Understanding Your Position

Your marketing plan examines your competitive environment, audience behaviors, and brand definition in order to develop a direction for short- and long-term marketing activities. It ensures that they support the decisions, strategies and objectives of your band.


Establishing The Approach

Based on an understanding of your band’s objectives and your place in the market, you will build a marketing strategy that identifies the channels to your audience, the proposed mix of marketing activities, and the economic impact of these activities.

The marketing strategy is linked to your logo and artwork. It is important to identify clear, concise marketing goals to help build an effective creative strategy and ensure that you are measuring the right results.


What is this?

This toolkit will take you through the steps to developing a marketing plan for your band.


How do I use this?

Work with the band’s Creative Director to complete the questions and the associated research required.


Why is it important?

Good marketing leads to increased sales. Each marketing effort should support the other and ensure that you are reaching the right people in the right places.

When do I use this?

After completing the Revenue Toolkit for each product or service you are selling.