Business Plan Cheat Sheet

Companies write business plans to help them focus, make tough decisions, and define their strategy. Undertaking this task, however, can be daunting. This toolkit provides a cheat sheet for writing a business plan. It also serves as a repository for the work you did on other parts of this website – most of that content feeds into a business plan.

We recommended that you complete this after you have completed the other toolkits and sections on this website. This allows you to further leverage and reinforce your discussions and decisions. This toolkit is divided into seven sections: company description, product/business model, market analysis, marketing & sales, team & operations, financials, and executive summary.

Start by answering the questions in section one and then continue in order.


What is this?

A toolkit of the major topics in a standard business plan.


How do I use this?

Complete this as a team because it taps into all aspects of your business. References to relevant toolkits, information on this website are provided at the beginning of each section.


Why is it important?

A business plan provides necessary structure. It is designed to be a dynamic document that should be revised regularly to reflect your business’ evolution. You will need to complete a full business plan and pitch deck if you want external funding so this gives you a head start.

When do I use this?

After completing all of the other toolkits.