Make Money

Making money – the lifeblood of any business. Without it, your band may end up back on grandma’s couch. The keys are to sell things that your audience wants, focus on the ones that generate a profit, and get outside funding when you need it. All of these decisions require an understanding of your options, your market, and what is the best fit for your band’s business.

Because things will change over time for your band and your business, we recommend that you revisit these toolkits on a regular basis to update the information. This is especially true for the Revenue Plan and Marketing toolkits.

Revenue Plan Toolkit: helps you understand each revenue stream (e.g., selling music, selling merchandise) and keep track of their specific financials.

Marketing Toolkit: guides you through the process of marketing what you are selling.

Get Funding: if you need to get outside funding from an investor like a bank or crowdfunding source, we give you an overview of your options.

Business Plan Cheat Sheet: covers the major questions found in a business plan. It also cross-references most of the other sections in this website. In addition to being a necessity when a new business is looking for external funding, a business plan provides structure and asks you to make the tough decisions for the benefit of your business.

Sell Your Stuff

A revenue plan to figure out what’s profitable, what’s not worth the cost, and your timeline for making money.

Market Your Band

Develop a plan for reaching your audience so they can’t wait to buy your products.

Get Funding

If bootstrapping is not enough and you need external funding, here are some options.

Business Plan Cheat Sheet

Business plans provide strategy and focus and they are necessary for getting funding. Here’s a cheat sheet of what’s in a business plan.