How to Go Green

Environmental issues and climate change are getting a lot of attention from businesses and consumers. In particular, many millennials and young adults are embracing the issues. If your band is interested in “going green”, it not only would have environmental benefits, but it may resonate with your target market and set you apart from your competition.

There are two major areas where you can go green: footprint and touring. This toolkit covers both.

Your footprint: focuses on environmental efforts in the studio, practice space – where you operate on a regular, daily basis. All bands can answer the questions in this section.

While touring: focuses on environmental efforts specifically related to playing at venues, being on the road – locations where you are engaged with an outside entity for a finite period of time. This section only is applicable if you do live shows.

Within footprint, start with the easier stuff – think of it as crawling before walking. These options are easier to implement because they don’t require you to spend a lot of money up front or significantly change your operations. Keep in mind that in some cases, you may have to pay more for the green option. It also is good to periodically ask your fans how they feel about your green efforts and if it influences their opinion of your band.

After you answer these questions, determine whether you want to implement these practices yourselves or if you would like some assistance from us.


What is this?

A toolkit that allows you identify and asses your options for going green.


How do I use this?

Start with the easier stuff. As you get more comfortable and as these efforts align with your budget, then move on to the advanced activities.


Why is it important?

More and more people want their purchases and activities to address environmental issues. Going green will have environmental benefits and also may give you a competitive business edge.

When do I use this?

At any time – it’s never too early to go green.