Finances and Taxes

Your band is a business so you need to manage it as one. If you are making or spending money, you will have to collect and pay taxes (depending on your income level). This will require systems and professional services to keep accurate records of your finances. These records can grow with you as your band evolves.


You will need to complete your business registration before you can set up most of your financial accounts. Once you have registered your business, you can begin setting up all the accounts and systems you require, so go and do that first.


Set up your bank account and decide who is going to have signature authority.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Decide who is going to manage your books and keep track of financial transactions.


To stay on track with spending and revenue, create a budget for each year of operations.

Expense Management

Managing expenses requires discipline. You will need to make decisions about your business rules and processes.


No business can escape taxes. Ensure that you have everything in place to manage and prepare for your tax payments.

Collecting Money

Ensure that you are tracking and managing your income properly.