Band Agreement

As your band becomes a serious endeavor, a career vs. a hobby, then issues and complications inevitably will arise. It is best to identify and address these issues early, when everything is exciting and hopeful. This will help minimize conflict and arguments down the line.

While you can’t predict everything that will happen to your band, as problems come up, you will be grateful that you took the time to sign an agreement that provides structure for addressing key issues faced by most bands. It has two major sections: General Business and Specific to Revenue Stream. The revenue stream section covers the three streams that are often the most contentious.

First complete all the general business sections and then complete the revenue stream sections that are applicable to you. All band members have to sign the document for it to be valid.

This Band Agreement is an internal reference document – it is not legally binding but it can be used as a foundation for contracts and other legal documents in the future.


What is this?

A toolkit that covers the issues band members need to address when they first join forces.


How do I use this?

Collectively answer all the questions in the general business section first and then answer the questions for the relevant revenue streams. All band members must sign and date the document.


Why is it important?

When starting out, bands tend to focus on the creative side but issues such as compensation, change in band members, how to tour, etc. can all lead to disagreement and conflict. This toolkit allows you to address key issues before they arise – help you keep the peace.

When do I use this?

After completing the Brand Toolkit.