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Today, a band has to be a business to survive.

That can be intimidating and confusing because you just want to make music for your fans. We’ve taken the mystery out of starting your business and given you all the tools you need to launch, manage and grow your band.

Guided Business Setup and Management

Follow through from the nuts and bolts of setting up your business to building a brand through to funding your growth. All the way along, we provide valuable information and tools to help demystify business management.

First Steps

Start here – these are the first steps to launching your business.

Your Brand

Credibility, image, fan experience, loyalty – defining your brand will help you establish these.

Band Operations

To help you run your business well, avoid fights, and be a good global citizen.

Make Money

The fun stuff – making money. This helps you manage what goes in and out the door.

Join our beta program!

For a limited time, we’re offering free access to all of the business tools we’ve created.
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To thank you for participating in our beta program, any member who completes at least two toolkits and the Website Feedback Form will be entered to win one of four $25 Amazon gift cards!


Band Toolkits

Practical, hands-on exercises to help you build the foundation for your business.
Your tookits are always available for you to update when things change with the band, or to reference when you need them.

Brand and Message

Build a foundation for all your sales and marketing efforts.

Band Agreement

Get everyone on the same page and solve problems before they start.

Revenue Plan

Figure out what’s profitable, what’s not worth the cost, and your timeline for making money.

How to Go Green

Find ways to be socially and environmentally responsible.

Marketing Plan

Figure out how you’re going to tell the world about your band.

Business Plan

Create a business plan for funding and investment.

Don't Be Shy

We’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line and tell us what you’re struggling with.